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Smart Glasses will change the way we think and interact with computers. The possibilities are nearly endless – from simple tools like navigation, notifications, notes, and a web browser to entirely new tools like conversational intelligence, memory augmentation, sensory upgrades, and more, smart glasses will change what it means to be human. As developers, researchers, and business owners ourselves, we’ve seen a lack of an organized, open community focused on smart glasses – glasses that are meant to be worn all day (not necessarily AR).

If you’re interested in smart glasses, join our community and become involved through weekly virtual meetups, watching/reading our smart glasses crash course series, discussion on the forums, collaborating on open source tools, reaching out to other members, and more.


Virtual and IRL meetups with the community.


Connect with thousands of innovators in the smart glasses space.


Active open source smart glasses hardware and software development.


Informative articles and news. Opportunity to guest publish.

Community Contributors

Emex Labs
Unversity of Toronto
Team Open Smart Glasses
OCAD University

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What We Do Here

The resources our community has created…


Videos, articles, and tutorials about smart glasses technology and industry.


Connect with others building and using smart glasses. Ask questions and discuss about smart glasses technology, industry, uses cases, etc.


Curated links to articles, papers, tutorials, communities, books, and more.


Connect with other people who use and build smart glasses through community meetups and events.

Open Source

We are home to multiple Open Source smart glasses projects. Use and contibute to Open Source smart glasses tech.


Hand picked news on the cutting edge of smart glasses technology.

Have a Discussion

Start a forum topic or comment on someone else's. Share ideas and get community feedback.

Open Source Technology

Get information, help, and access to Open Source wearable hardware and software. Contribute to Open Source projects.

Attend a Meeting

Come meet, talk, and build things with others interested in smart glasses technologies and use cases.

Share with Friends

Bring in your friends and coworkers in this space to help us grow a community.

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