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Widely accepted as the best book on AR display and optics technology is Optical Architectures for Augmented-, Virtual-, and Mixed-Reality Headsets” : https://spie.org/Publications/Book/2559303?SSO=1 by Bernard Kress

David Rose explores the future of spatial computing in our daily lives.

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Visual Search, Live Language Translation, Memory Tools
Language Learning Tools
Memory Tools

Open Source Smart Glasses Technology

  Team Open Smart Glasses is a community of engineers, researchers, makers, designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else driven to build technology that enhances user’s intelligence in daily life. We’re building open source smart glasses designed to be all day wearable, immediately useful, and extendable for makers, startups, and everyone else.
  Wearable computing software framework for intelligence augmentation research and applications. Easily build smart glasses apps, relying on built in voice command, speech recognition, computer vision, UI, sensors, smart phone connection, NLP, facial recognition, database, cloud connection, and more. This repo is in beta.